Sapphire Vega 64 Liquid 2068 h/s

Scratchpad: 2MB

// gpu: gfx900 memory:3920
 // compute units: 64
 { "index" : 1,
 "intensity" : 1920, "worksize" : 8,
 "affine_to_cpu" : 0,
 "strided_index" : true
 { "index" : 1,
 "intensity" : 1920, "worksize" : 8,
 "affine_to_cpu" : 0,
 "strided_index" : true

23rd Aug blockchain drivers, core p6=1482MHz & p7=1502MHz, core voltage = 950mV, 1100MHz memory. xmr-stak 2.1.0.

Was a pain to get stable but now I’ve got 2 running like a dream, these cards have a lot of potential but software still in very early stages and requires a lot of weird workarounds, if you think you’ve lost out on the silicon lottery its more likely a software issue or HBM overheating.


  • Don’t use random power play tables from the net, make your own with OverdriveNTool based on your BIOS.
  • Don’t run anything you don’t need to, almost all monitoring software I tried lead to stability issues such as corsair link, HWiNFO, GPUz (I now only run HWMonitor for a few mins at a time to check up on things but too scared to leave it open!).
  • For some reason now (wasn’t always the case) I cannot run with an HDMI monitor connected or I’ll get artifacts then system crash 30 seconds into mining. But I need the HDMI monitor connected to configure radeon settings because of a low resolution via team viewer. My startup process is to start the PC with the HDMI monitor connected, reset vegas, configure radeon settings as needed, connect via team viewer from laptop, disconnect HDMI monitor, reset vegas from team viewer and start miner.
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Thanks for this! Im gonna follow this guide. Highest h/s so far, im curious about your watts tho per card.

Athos Rache Neto

Im seeing a lot of GFX900 with poor performance.
I do have 6x Saphire 64.
5 gfx901
1 gfx900

The GFX900 do not perform the same. And there are Liquid, 56, 64 and FE …only few are 900.